Other activities

SKi DooSki Universe offers aslo Night skiing, Ski Doo, Ski jumping and Trips.

Ski Doo

Max 2 persons can be on a ski-doo. The itineraries can be in powder or hard snow, usually in the forest. You also have a guide. The feeling is incredible!


night ski

Ski jumping

There are 2 ski-jumps in Borovets 75 and 50 m long. They are serviced by chair lift. You can also watch a ski-show there.


Borovets offers a lot of tours, including ski-trips, led by experienced guides. There are organized trips to chalet Moussala, peak Moussala, mountain walk to the Black Rock and many others. You can also make a visit to the Bulgarian Royal family palace. Various trips to different tourist attraction are offered as well. It is worth visiting the Rila Monastery,the town of Melnik with its famous wines, the capital Sofia (including shopping), Plovdiv the second biggest city of Bulgaria.