The snowmaking system installed by Borosport Ltd. is working full-time during the ski season. Snowmaking facilities, as well as night skiing, on ski runs Rila, Iglika, Martinovi Baraki 2 and Martinovi Baraki3 (altogether 2300 m) are also available. Six mobile snowguns are installed on every 80 meters along the ski runs. The runs are sound-tracked and lit up by modern lighting systems, installed on 54 posts and meeting all European standards.

In addition to that for season 2008/2009 snow canons have been installed on all Yastrebets ski-runs and a new water reservoir is being constructed at the bottom of Yastrebets 2 and 3 ski runs.

The weather

15 C

Moderate or heavy rain shower

wind 4 km/h

2022-05-24 7 | 30 C
2022-05-25 13 | 32 C
2022-05-26 13 | 32 C
2022-05-27 10 | 32 C