Ski instructors

SKI SCHOOL UNIVERSE  is a team of professionals, all of them with more than 10 years experience. At Ski Universe we have skied in Borovets many years and will choose the best ski runs for your abilities.

Although we now have a lot of clients each season, we still depend on repeat business and recommendation, so we will continue to try our best, we hope, giving great value for money.

During the last season a lot of clients came for the lessons to our ski school from the year before and our regulars do seem to appreciate our efforts in teaching.

The instructors provide excellent communication skills in English, French, German, Scandinavian, Russian and other languages. They are ready to teach both beginners and advanced skiers.Our guides are trained professionals. They not only have good technical skills but they are also very good entertainers.




Ски учители
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Ски учители

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